ATFX Appoints John Bogue as Director of Institutional Operation

John Bogue has recently joined ATFX as the Director of Institutional Operation. ATFX is a forex and CFD broker. This appointment will strengthen ATFX’s capabilities in serving institutional clients and enhance their operational efficiency.

About John Bogue 

John Bogue is a veteran with over twenty years of experience in the FX industry. He has held notable positions at NatWest Markets Plc and Euronext FX Inc., formerly FastMatch, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of the FX asset class, such as operations, risk management, and sales functions. Before his current role, he served as the Director for EMEA FX at TraderTools for three years, further showcasing his expertise and leadership in the field.

About the New Role

As the new director of institutional operation at ATFX, John Bogue will oversee and optimise the institutional trading services. He will also improve client relationships, operational processes, and overall service delivery. ATFX expects John Bogue to leverage his extensive industry experience to optimise their institutional operation. 

Benefits for Traders 

This appointment will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Institutional Services

John Bogue’s experience in the FX industry will enhance ATFX’s institutional services. Traders and investors will have more efficient and reliable operations for smooth and profitable trading experiences.

Improved Client Relationships

Bogue’s client-first approach means that ATFX will focus more on understanding and meeting the specific needs of traders and investors. They will provide better support, more personalised services, and a stronger relationship between the broker and clients.

Innovative Trading Solutions

Bogue has a background in developing innovative trading solutions. Traders and investors will have new tools and technologies to help them make better trading decisions. It will enhance the overall trading experience and increase profitability.

Greater Transparency

John Bogue emphasises transparency. He will ensure traders and investors have clear and accurate information about their trades and the markets. It builds trust and helps clients make informed decisions.

Increased Market Reach

Bogue’s experience in expanding market reach means that ATFX will likely grow its presence in new markets. Traders and investors will get numerous trading opportunities and diverse investment options.

Better Risk Management

With Bogue’s expertise in risk management, ATFX will implement stronger risk controls. It will help protect traders and investors from market volatility and unexpected losses.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Overall, John Bogue’s appointment is likely to increase client satisfaction. His track record of improving service delivery and client support means traders and investors will enjoy a more supportive and rewarding trading experience with ATFX.

About ATFX

ATFX was founded in 2017 and is a globally recognised forex and CFD broker with strong trading platforms and client-centric services. It provides multiple trading instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The company offers advanced trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. In recent years, the company has been recognised for its excellence in customer service, trading platforms, and overall trading experience.


John Bogue’s extensive experience and client-first approach will positively impact ATFX. ATFX will achieve its strategic goals with John Bogue, enhance its service offerings, and continue growing.

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