AsiaNext Launches Crypto Derivatives Trading

In a significant move in the digital asset space, AsiaNext, a MAS-regulated institution-only global digital asset exchange, has officially entered the crypto derivatives trading arena. This is a significant milestone for the industry, offering institutional investors a secure platform to navigate the digital asset landscape.

AsiaNext Launches Crypto Derivatives Trading – What Does it Mean?

The company, a joint venture between SBI Digital Asset Holdings (SBI DAH) and SIX, has announced the initiation of crypto derivatives trading. AsiaNext is now a major player for institutional investors to trade crypto derivatives.

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Impact on the Traders – Benefits

The introduction of crypto derivatives trading by AsiaNext holds significant benefits for institutional investors:

Safe and Secure Venue

AsiaNext introduces crypto derivatives trading for institutional investors, offering a transparent and reliable platform for digital asset transactions.

Diverse Product Pipeline

AsiaNext provides a broad product pipeline, including digital securities, tokenized real-world assets, and sustainability-focused listings.

Risk Management Emphasis

With regulation and rigorous governance at the forefront, AsiaNext minimizes downside risk, offering institutional investors secure exposure to digital assets in the region.

Collaborating with Multiple Companies

AsiaNext has fostered collaborations with key market players to fortify its position:

  • Reduced Counterparty and Settlement Risk: Market participants like B2C2 and prime brokers enjoy lower risk in counterparty and settlement through trading membership.
  • Innovative Risk Management Process: AsiaNext’s creative risk management process provides flexibility and capabilities, supporting frequent intra-day margining and settlement runs.
  • Low Latency and HFT 24/7: The platform supports 24/7 low latency trading, enhancing flexibility for professional traders.

About AsiaNext

AsiaNext, a consortium owned by banks, has received regulatory approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide an end-to-end digital assets value chain for institutional investors. Offering an integrated digital asset ecosystem, AsiaNext facilitates secure trades from clients to liquidity providers.

Closing Lines

AsiaNext’s entry into crypto derivatives trading represents a significant step in bridging traditional capital markets and digital ecosystems. The platform’s emphasis on regulation, transparency, and risk management makes it ideal for the institutional adoption of digital assets. 

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