Admirals Partners with Match-Prime to AdvanceTrading Experience

In a groundbreaking move set to reshape the landscape of Forex and CFD trading, Admirals, the seasoned financial market player with a legacy dating back to 2001, has officially announced a strategic partnership with Match-Prime, a renowned CySEC-regulated liquidity provider.

Admirals and Match-Prime – What Does this Partnership Mean?

Let’s see what value this partnership will bring for Admirals and Match-prime.

Expanding Possibilities with Multi-Asset Liquidity

This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Admirals, as it secures access to deep, multi-asset liquidity pools through the partnership with Match-Prime. Traders can expect an enriched range and quality of trading instruments, elevating the overall trading experience.

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Diverse Portfolio, Client-Centric Approach

Admirals, known for its diverse portfolio encompassing Stocks, ETFs, Forex pairs, and CFDs on various assets, has consistently prioritized client satisfaction. Admirals’ client-centric approach aligns seamlessly with the top-tier services delivered by the strategic partnership with Match-Prime.

Andreas Ioannou, the Chief Operating Officer at Admirals, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Match-Prime. This collaboration underlines our commitment to providing a high-quality service to our clients.”

Leadership Perspectives on the Partnership

Match-Prime’s CEO, Andreas Kapsos, admires Admirals’ enduring professionalism and feels elated that his company has engaged in a liquidity partnership with them.

Auto-Invest Launch: Transforming Investor Experience

In addition to this strategic partnership, Admirals recently launched Auto-Invest, introducing automated investing capabilities through the Admirals Mobile App. This innovation aims to revolutionize how financial markets engage with investors by providing enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Admirals’ Auto-Invest allows users to configure preset automated contributions, providing flexibility in determining the amount and frequency of investments. This advanced technology empowers investors to seize market opportunities even when active monitoring is not feasible.

Andreas Ioannou highlighted the significance of Auto-Invest, stating, “Through this partnership, we aim to improve our trading services and offer an incomparable trading experience in line with our standards and practices.”

About Admirals

Admirals has been a reliable name in Forex and CFD trading since 2001, serving a global audience with licenses in multiple jurisdictions. The company ensures client satisfaction and cultivates strategic partnerships through offering a diverse portfolio of stocks, ETFs, forex pairs, and CFDs on various assets. 

Led by COO Andreas Ioannou, Admirals prioritizes transparency, professionalism, and innovation to provide traders with an exceptional trading experience. The recent collaboration with Match-Prime is a testament to Admirals’ commitment to strategic growth and expansion.

About Match-Prime

Match-Prime specializes in providing deep, multi-asset liquidity for over 2,000 instruments to professional and institutional clients. They offer ultra-fast connectivity and are regulated by CySEC. The advanced Match-Trader PRO platform ensures seamless integration with popular trading platforms and distribution systems.

Looking Ahead to a Future of Trading Excellence

As Admirals and Match-Prime embark on this collaborative journey, traders can anticipate enhanced trading conditions, competitive spreads, and commissions. The strategic partnership and the introduction of Auto-Invest mark a new era of excellence in the financial markets.

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