360T Launches Crypto NDF Offering

360T launches crypto NDF (Non-Deliverable Forwards) offering recently. 360T is a web-based trading technology provider. These NDFs have technological and market advancements to meet the growing needs of the cryptocurrency trading space. 

About the Launch

The features of NDFs will enhance liquidity, improve trading efficiency, and offer flexible hedging solutions to participants in the crypto market. They facilitate real-time price discovery to access live-streaming prices. The platform supports algorithmic trading capabilities. It allows automated trading strategies to enhance execution performance and efficiency. 360T has also expanded its liquidity pool to include non-traditional liquidity providers. It offers live streaming pricing in key NDF currency pairs with traditional Request for Stream (RFS) functions. 

Benefits For Traders

This launch will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Real-Time Price Discovery

These crypto NDF offerings bring real-time price discovery for traders and investors. Crypto market participants can access live-streaming prices for non-deliverable forwards. It encourages more informed and timely trading decisions. 

Algorithmic Trading

Traders can implement advanced trading strategies with algorithmic trading. It automatically executes trades based on predefined criteria. It enhances execution efficiency. Traders can capitalise on market opportunities more quickly and effectively than manual trading.

Multiple Credit Models

360T’s streaming NDFs support various credit models, including bilateral, prime brokerage intermediated, and CCP-based models. Traders can select the credit arrangement suitable for their trading style and risk management preferences. It provides a trading environment that can adapt to various trading strategies and liquidity needs.

Cross-Border Trading

360T connects local onshore liquidity with global offshore users using its extensive, diverse client base. It creates a unified global liquidity pool. Using this feature, traders can engage in cross-border trading more effectively, accessing and providing liquidity in emerging markets.

Enhanced Execution 

The offering supports undisclosed trading with numerous counterparties through a CCP. The NDF allows traders to deploy countless trading strategies without significantly impacting the market. It helps execute large orders or employ strategies that require discretion. It offers improved execution performance and reduced market impact.

About 360T

360T is a global web-based trading technology provider for OTC (over-the-counter) instruments, particularly in foreign exchange (FX). It is a part of the Deutsche Börse Group. It offers trading solutions and services for financial institutions, including banks, corporates, and institutional traders. The platform streamlines and enhances the trading process through innovative technology. It provides efficient access to liquidity and facilitates risk management strategies. 360T’s goal is to empower clients with flexible, transparent, and reliable trading solutions.

Looking Forward

The need for innovative financial instruments like crypto NDFs is growing. 360T meets this demand by providing a compliant and efficient mechanism for exposure to digital assets. It will offer liquidity providers, banks, and asset managers new opportunities to engage with the cryptocurrency market under a regulated framework.

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