26 Degrees Launches ‘Pairs CFDs’ for Brokers

26 Degrees Global Markets launched ‘Pairs CFDs’, a new product that allows traders to trade two financial instruments as a single, innovative product. 26 Degrees Global Markets is a financial services firm specialising in delivering innovative trading solutions. 

About ‘Pairs CFDs’

  • Allows trading of index vs. index, commodity vs. commodity, or equity vs. equity, similar to forex pairs.
  • Initially launched with 20 Pairs CFDs and plans to add new and bespoke pairs in response to client feedback.
  • Combines two instruments into a single trade.
  • Provides a single ratio of the two instrument prices.
  • Simplifies risk management with one trade.
  • Can enhance or reduce volatility based on correlation.
  • Greater margin efficiency, margin charged on one leg.
  • Brokers can request bespoke pairs.
  • Customisable liquidity and supports MT4, MT5, and FIX gateways.
  • Simplifies trading and risk management.
  • Allows capitalising on short-term movements while holding long-term positions.

Benefits For Traders

The launch will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Simplified Trading

‘Pairs CFDs’ allow trading of two instruments as a single product. This reduces the complexity of managing separate trades and simplifies the trading process.

Enhanced Risk Management

Trading ‘Pairs CFDs’ enables better risk management by consolidating two trades. This makes setting and managing stop loss and taking profit levels easier.

Increased Profit Potential

‘Pairs CFDs’ provide opportunities to profit from the relative performance of two instruments. This allows traders to explore new strategies and capitalize on market movements.

Margin Efficiency

‘Pairs CFDs’ offer greater margin efficiency, as the margin is only charged on one leg of the trade. This reduces the capital required compared to managing two separate positions.

Volatility Management

These products can be structured to enhance or reduce volatility based on the instruments’ correlation. This provides flexibility in managing exposure to market volatility.

Customisable Trading Options

Brokers can request bespoke pairs, offering traders access to unique instruments tailored to their needs. This customisation enhances trading strategies and opportunities.

Access to Advanced Technology

‘Pairs CFDs’ are available through advanced trading platforms with real-time data and API integration. This ensures high-speed execution and reliability for traders.

About 26 Degrees

26 Degrees Global Markets is a multi-asset prime broker. They offer advanced trading products and services to brokers, hedge funds, and trading firms. Initially known as Invast Global, they rebranded to reflect their global reach. The firm is regulated by FCA, SFC, CTFC, and CIMA. They focus on innovation and reliability in financial trading. Their goal is to enhance trading efficiency and profitability for their clients. They continuously develop new products like ‘Pairs CFDs’ to stay ahead.


‘Pairs CFDs’ by 26 Degrees offers traders a new, simplified way to trade multiple instruments. This innovative product enhances risk management and increases profit potential. It provides greater margin efficiency and customisable trading options. The advanced technology ensures reliability and high-speed execution.

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