What is FXCubic for Retail and Institutional Brokers?

FXcubic is a technology provider specializing in high-performance solutions for the financial trading industry. It offers liquidity aggregation and risk management software to brokers and financial institutions. FXcubic has a reliable and efficient trading infrastructure. The company aims to enhance connectivity, execution speed, and market depth. 

What is FXCubic?

FXCubic was founded in 2016 by Ege Kozan, Sencer Coltu, and Cem Kozan to revolutionize financial technology solutions for retail and institutional brokers. It provides retail trading brokers with low-latency access to a network of liquidity providers, including banks and hedge funds, enabling competitive and efficient trade executions. FXCubic specializes in advanced pricing aggregation solutions. 

Unique Features of FXCubic

FXCubic offers multiple specific tools and features to enhance the brokerage experience:

Ultra-Low Latency Bridging Software

Tailored for MetaTrader platforms and FIX API, allowing for sophisticated price and trade processing with connectivity to leading liquidity providers.

Execution Customization

Highly customizable software that enables brokers to create detailed pricing and order routing configurations without needing a software restart. 

Liquidity Aggregation

Sophisticated aggregation algorithms that consider individual provider market depth and execute orders across multiple providers simultaneously. 

Creating Synthetic Instruments

Capability for brokers to create synthetic instruments unavailable from their liquidity providers, with both A and B Book execution available on these instruments.

Risk Management Interface

A unified interface for monitoring A and B Book positions on platform accounts, promoting direct trade execution from these accounts to hedge or move positions between liquidity providers.

Trade Platform Integration

Native integration with popular trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5, featuring lightweight yet powerful plugins and gateways. 

Advanced Reporting

Web-based GUI for detailed analysis of individual trades and prices, including downloadable reports for accumulated data over time. 

Copy Execution Rules

Tools for replicating trades between traders or for brokers themselves, including forward or reverse copying with a volume multiplier. 

Benefits of Using FXCubic 

FXCubic’s advanced technology solutions offer numerous benefits, including:

Customizable Execution 

FXCubic’s platform enables highly customizable execution strategies and liquidity aggregation. It allows brokers to tailor services to individual client needs. It also creates unique trading rules and configurations that can automatically adjust based on market conditions or specific events like the release of the Non-farm payrolls report.

Data Security

FXCubic lets brokers host the system on their private servers. It ensures full control and security of financial and personal data. It protects sensitive information and encourages a direct and private connection to liquidity providers.

Risk Management 

The platform offers robust risk management tools and features to increase brokerage profits. It includes mechanisms for managing slippage, detecting toxic trades, and protecting against loss-making B-book trades. Their technology can automatically handle price checks and order rejections to maintain operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

Innovative Features 

FXCubic provides unique functionalities like creating synthetic instruments, scheduled configuration changes for trading settings, and copy trading tools. These features enable brokers to offer new trading opportunities and manage their operations more effectively, catering to various trading scenarios and client requirements.

Comprehensive Reporting

The platform includes advanced reporting capabilities, and system monitoring features that allow brokers to analyse trade details, manage liquidity provider connections, and monitor system health in real-time. This ensures transparency and enables brokers to make informed decisions to optimize their services.

FXCubic’s technology is highly customisable. It best suits retail and institutional brokers seeking advanced, customizable trading connectivity and liquidity aggregation solutions.

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