Velo Labs’ Orbit Partners with POS Networks

Velo Labs announces a partnership with leading POS networks to integrate cryptocurrency into everyday transactions. Over 100,000 merchants can now accept crypto payments after this collaboration.

Velo Labs’ Orbit Partners with POS Networks – About the Partnership

The partnership will offer the convenience of traditional payment giants like Visa and Mastercard and introduce the innovation of QR code scans for crypto payments. This method allows customers to use cryptocurrencies effortlessly, bypassing the traditional card swipe. It will add modern tech to the traditional payment process. This technology integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems. It will ease conducting crypto transactions in the retail space.

Benefits For Traders

This development will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Market Accessibility

This partnership increases the number of merchants accepting cryptocurrencies. The partnership enhances the practical use of digital assets in everyday transactions. It broadens the crypto market usage. It will increase demand and value for cryptocurrencies.

Diversification of Investment 

This move offers investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies widely accepted at retail points of sale. Investors can diversify their portfolios, predicting increased adoption and price appreciation with growing usage.

Increased Stability

Integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday financial transactions through thousands of merchants will increase stability in crypto prices over time. As digital currencies become more embedded in the global economy, their prices may become less volatile. It makes them more attractive as a medium of exchange and a long-term investment.

Early Mover Advantage

Traders and investors engaging with and investing in cryptocurrencies on the Orbit network could provide an early-mover advantage. Early investors could get high investment returns when these cryptocurrencies become widely used in retail transactions.

About Velo Labs

Velo Labs is a blockchain-based financial technology company that facilitates global money transfers. It enables secure, fast, and low-cost cross-border payments through the innovative blockchain network. It aims to improve financial inclusivity and connect traditional banking infrastructure with decentralized finance (DeFi). Velo Labs seeks to supercharge money velocity and offer solutions in various sectors like remittances, business transactions, and financial services. 

Future Outlook

Merchants linked to these POS networks will access Orbit’s crypto payment processing capabilities. It will increase cryptocurrency acceptance at points of sale. It will open new revenue streams for businesses and enhance the accessibility and acceptance of digital currencies in retail.

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