Uniswap Rolls Out ‘uni.eth’ Subdomains via Ethereum Addresses 

Uniswap has introduced a new feature: ‘uni.eth’ subdomains using the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). It simplifies Ethereum addresses from complex strings into memorable, human-readable formats.

Uniswap Rolls Out ‘uni.eth’ – What is ‘uni.eth’ Subdomain?

‘uni.eth’ subdomains make digital interactions more intuitive and user-friendly. To claim a ‘uni.eth’ subdomain, users need to follow a simple process via the Uniswap mobile app. This process is off-chain and gasless, thus accessible and cost-effective for all users. Users can go to the subdomain registration section from the Uniswap mobile app and select the ‘uni.eth’ subdomain option. After choosing the preferred subdomain name, users can complete the registration process without any associated gas fees.

Benefits for Traders

This new feature will offer numerous benefits to the traders:

Simplified Address Management

‘uni.eth’ subdomains simplify Ethereum address management for traders and investors. They can manage and share their addresses effortlessly by converting complex hexadecimal addresses into easy-to-remember names. It reduces the risk of errors in transactions.

Enhanced Trading Efficiency

The ‘uni.eth’ subdomains facilitate quicker and more efficient transactions. Traders can speed up their operations on the Uniswap platform. It gives better responsiveness to market changes and opportunities. It helps in capitalizing on the volatile DeFi market.

Improved Personal Branding

The ‘uni.eth’ subdomains help improve personal and professional branding for traders and investors in the web3 space. A unique Ethereum address can serve as a digital identity. It makes engaging in transactions and collaborations easier for peers and clients.


Claiming a ‘uni.eth’ subdomain is a gasless process. It makes it an accessible and cost-effective solution for users. Eliminating transaction fees for address management allows traders to allocate more resources to their investments.

About Uniswap

Uniswap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. It promotes automated decentralized finance (DeFi) token trading. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The company uses a protocol that allows users to swap ERC20 tokens without traditional exchanges or intermediaries. Uniswap provides a decentralized and trustless environment. It promotes open access to financial services through blockchain technology. Its goal is to enhance liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem and provide a safe, effective token exchange.

Looking Forward

Uniswap constantly innovates in the DeFi space. These human-readable addresses simplify transactions and interactions on the Ethereum blockchain. They will offer opportunities for building a digital identity secure and user-friendly. 

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