Trading Technologies Acquires ATEO – Expands into Clearing Tech

Chicago-based capital markets technology platform provider Trading Technologies is set to broaden its reach into clearing and middle-office technologies. The company has finalised the acquisition deal to procure ATEO SAS, a prominent firm located in Paris that specialises in providing advanced post-trade solutions for various listed derivatives.

About the Acquisition

The acquisition, scheduled to conclude on Feb. 29, follows a strategic partnership established in late 2022 between Trading Technologies and ATEO. This collaboration aimed to deliver a fully integrated post-trade allocation service for sell-side banks, brokers, and futures commission merchants (FCMs). ATEO’s suite of middle-office solutions will now be integrated into Trading Technologies’ infrastructure, enhancing the firm’s value proposition and providing an end-to-end offering.

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How will ATEO’s Products Enhance TT’s Offerings?

Trading Technologies acquires ATEO to elevate its offerings regarding clearing tech services. Let’s see how this will benefit the TT customers.

Seamless Access to ATEO’s Post-Trade Allocation Engine

ATEO offers a comprehensive solution for post-trade needs that integrates seamlessly into the Trading Technologies order management system (OMS). This integration increases efficiency and gives customers easy access to ATEO’s advanced post-trade allocation engine. Experience a new level of value with this streamlined system.

Streamlining Processes for Sell-Side Banks, Brokers, and FCMs

This collaboration between Trading Technologies and ATEO aims to help sell-side banks, brokers, and futures commission merchants (FCMs) by providing a streamlined approach to post-trade operations. The integration aims to enhance operational efficiency and help customers navigate post-trade complexities more easily.

A Complete Exchange Traded Derivative (ETD) Suite

TT enhances its offering through ATEO’s comprehensive middle-office ETD Suite, providing a strategic ally that adapts to changing technological, market, and regulatory landscapes.

Matching and Clearing Solution

The acquisition will enable TT to offer a matching and clearing solution, allowing clients to seamlessly process their business across all Clearing Houses while providing tailored services to your customers.

About Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies is a SaaS platform provider that connects to major exchanges and liquidity venues globally, including derivatives, fixed income, and cryptocurrencies. The company’s platform has advanced features for executing trades, managing orders, and providing market data solutions. It also includes conducting analytics, monitoring trade activities, managing risks, and offering infrastructure services to clients worldwide.

About ATEO

ATEO SAS, known for delivering post-trade solutions for the financial industry, brings a wealth of experience and technology solutions to the partnership. ATEO has earned trust since 2000 with products like TEO Derivatives, LISA Clearing Engine, and UGO, used by leading banks, trading houses, and professional traders.

Way Forward

ATEO will operate as a globally managed service hosted in Trading Technologies’ data centres, ensuring seamless integration. TT’s acquisition expands into clearing technology, positioning it as a critical player in the post-trade solutions market. ATEO’s technology and relationships will drive growth in capital markets.

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