TopFX Appoints Victor Zachariades as CEO

TopFX has announced the appointment of Victor Zachariades as its new CEO, replacing Alex Katsaros. TopFX is a leading provider of liquidity and brokerage solutions. This appointment will support TopFX’s growth and enhance its service offerings.

About Victor Zachariades, CEO

Victor Zachariades has more than 15 years of experience in the FX and CFD industry. He has previously held significant roles at prominent firms such as Pepperstone. He served as the Managing Director of the EU operations and Alpaca, where he led the Cyprus operations. Most recently, he was involved with Go Markets as a Non-Executive Director and founded BKR44, which provides comprehensive solutions for CFD brokers.

As the new CEO, Zachariades will use his extensive industry experience to drive TopFX’s expansion. He will enhance the company’s market presence by focusing on technology advancements and improving client services. Zachariades plans to implement robust risk management and dealing desk support, ensuring sustainable growth for the company.

Benefits for Traders

This appointment will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Market Expertise 

Victor Zachariades’es, understanding of market dynamics and leadership skills, will provide a more stable and forward-thinking trading environment. He will ensure TopFX gets guidance from seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of the financial markets.

Improved Trading Conditions

Under Zachariades’ leadership, TopFX is expected to focus heavily on improving client services and trading conditions. It includes better customer support, more competitive spreads, and enhanced trading platforms. Traders and investors will have a more reliable and user-friendly trading experience.

Market Opportunities

Zachariades has a proven track record of expanding market reach. He plans to grow TopFX’s presence in regions like the MENA area. Traders and investors will benefit from new market opportunities and more trading instruments. This expansion will offer more options and profitable opportunities.


Zachariades’ vision includes leveraging technology to improve trading platforms and services. It will bring advanced trading tools and platforms to enhance trading efficiency and provide better analytics. Traders and investors will have technology to help them make more informed trading decisions.

Robust Risk Management

Zachariades will implement robust risk management practices. Traders and investors will have a safer trading environment to manage risks effectively. It will reduce the likelihood of significant losses. Strong risk management policies maintain the integrity and stability of trading activities.

About TopFX 

TopFX provides liquidity and brokerage solutions for Forex (FX) and Contracts for Difference (CFD) markets. It was established in 2010. It used to provide liquidity services to institutional clients and retail brokers. Now, it includes a retail FX brand. It offers trading services directly to individual traders. TopFX aims to deliver superior trading conditions, including tight spreads and robust execution. The company aims to provide top-tier customer support and innovative trading solutions.


The appointment of Victor Zachariades as CEO will be beneficial for TopFX. With his wealth of experience and strategic vision, Zachariades is well-positioned to lead TopFX to new heights, ensuring enhanced services and expanded market reach.

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