Top 5 Prop Trading Firms in 2024

Proprietary trading firms use their own capital to trade, rather than clients’ funds. These firms typically employ traders who execute trades across various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and derivatives, to generate profits for the firm.

This article will cover the top 5 prop firms in 2024.

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1. Funding Pips

Funding Pips Company emerges as a leading prop trading firm renowned for its legacy of excellence, innovative trading solutions, and comprehensive support for traders. Committed to integrity and professionalism, the company leverages cutting-edge technology and rigorous risk management protocols to empower traders worldwide.

With advanced tools, Funding Pips provides traders with the necessary resources to navigate financial markets successfully. With a global reach and impact, Funding Pips sets a benchmark for prop trading firms, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in trading while prioritizing capital preservation and sustainable growth for its traders.

2. MyForexFunds

MyForexFunds specialises in forex trading. It offers a unique blend of capital allocation, proprietary trading strategies, and mentorship programs. At present, the company has around 60k live-funded traders. The platform offers trading in CFDs, forex, and cryptos. 

Traders gain access to cutting-edge trading technology, personalised support, and the opportunity to trade in a collaborative environment. Focusing on performance-driven results, the firm remains a top choice for forex traders seeking to enhance their trading careers.

3. Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital is a dynamic prop trading firm that caters to traders across global financial markets. Providing traders with the necessary tools and resources, Audacity Capital emphasizes risk management and performance optimization to ensure success in today’s volatile markets. Based on a trader’s profit, the platform allows the capital to increase to $2 million. It also offers live traders profit sharing of up to 85%.

Traders get various benefits, such as competitive payout structures, extensive training programs, and access to a diverse range of trading strategies. Whether trading equities, futures, or options, Audacity Capital offers a supportive ecosystem for traders to thrive and achieve their financial goals. There are also 


FTMO has established itself as a reputable prop trading firm known for its innovative funding programs and transparent trading environment. It provides a distinctive evaluation process that enables traders to demonstrate their trading abilities and become eligible for funded trading accounts. Traders also get access to MT4 and MT5 and keep up to 90% of their profit.

Traders undergo rigorous evaluation stages, including performance assessments and risk management tests, to prove their trading proficiency. FTMO empowers traders to trade confidently and pursue success in the financial markets.

5. Lux Trading Firm

Lux Trading Firm is an expert in algorithmic trading and quantitative strategies. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and quantitative research, It provides traders access to sophisticated trading algorithms and automated trading systems. 

The platform also offers up to $10,000,000 for Fully Funded Accounts. Traders can use ‘The Lux Trader’ or ‘MetaTrader 5’. Traders also have many other advantages, like instant support, risk management protocols, and competitive profit-sharing arrangements. 


These are the best 5 prop trading firms in 2024. They stand out for their commitment to trader success, innovative solutions, and comprehensive support offerings. Whether traders are looking to trade forex or equities or employ algorithmic strategies, these prop firms provide the necessary tools and resources to help traders thrive in 2024 and beyond.

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