Tools for Brokers – How it Offers a Complete Solution for the Brokers

Tools for Brokers is a technology provider for retail brokers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading companies. They offer a flagship multiplatform liquidity bridge solution – the Trade Processor. It integrates with various trading platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, and Match-Trader and supports multiple liquidity providers. 

Alexey Kutsenko established Tools for Brokers in 2009. It empowers brokerages with tools that streamline risk management, data collection, and critical process automation through a singular console. Its solutions enhance operational efficiency and drive tangible business outcomes. 

What Do Tools for Brokers Offer?

Tools for Brokers offers numerous innovative features, including:

Trade Processor

A liquidity bridge solution that integrates with major trading platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, and Match-Trader that enables brokers to manage risks, automate critical processes, and support multiple liquidity providers through a single console.

Liquidity Solutions

It is designed to enhance the performance of retail brokers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms with solutions that drive volume growth, reduce costs, and improve execution speed and system uptime.

TFB Ecosystem

An ecosystem of products built around the Trade Processor, offering data monitoring, analytics, money management solutions (TFB PAMM), and a platform for managing TFB plugins (TFB Toolbox) with minimal setup required.

Comprehensive Platform

A full set of solutions for financial institutions of any size, including data monitoring and reporting, money management, and various applications, all fully compatible and easy to set up.

Benefits for Users

The Tools for Brokers platform offers several benefits to brokers:

Efficiency Enhancements

Tools for Brokers provides a flagship multiplatform liquidity bridge solution, the Trade Processor. It integrates with major trading platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, and Match-Trader. It supports multiple liquidity providers and automates critical processes that enhance operational efficiency. By consolidating data and risk management into a single console, brokers can expect up to a 32% volume growth in the platform’s first six months.

Cost Savings

The liquidity bridge solution reduces operational costs. Brokers can expect a 20% reduction in costs, which includes bridge costs, swaps, and aggregation fees. The platform’s design for minimal setup requirements and compatibility with existing systems saves time and money when adopting these tools.

Execution Speed

The platform promises a round-trip execution speed of 1 millisecond and a 99.99% bridge uptime. It ensures brokers manage their risks more effectively while providing fast and reliable trading experiences.

White Label Solutions

Tools for Brokers enhances its white-label offerings by integrating with Match-Trader. It caters to the growing demand among brokers for diversified trading platforms. The addition of Match-Trader helps brokers cater to the specific needs of their clients and keep up with market trends.

AI Integration

Tools for Brokers offers AI-driven technology like Impact CRM. It provides data-driven behavioural insights using machine learning and sentiment analysis to enhance customer interactions and service delivery. It gives brokers a competitive advantage in a hyper-connected world.


The Tools for Brokers aims to save its clients’ time and money. It is best for retail brokers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms looking for comprehensive liquidity solutions and platform flexibility.

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