RaiseFX and iDenfy Collaborate for Improved Trading Security

RaiseFX, an online CFD broker, has partnered with Lithuanian Reg Tech firm iDenfy to enhance security measures and simplify ID verification processes. This collaboration reflects the company’s dedication to delivering clients a secure and user-friendly trading experience.

RaiseFX and iDenfy Collaborate – What it Means?

The partnership between RaiseFX and iDenfy is geared towards fortifying security protocols within the trading platform. By integrating iDenfy’s cutting-edge ID verification technology, RaiseFX aims to enhance user authentication processes to mitigate the risks of identity theft and fraud. Leveraging AI-powered solutions, iDenfy ensures swift and accurate verification of user identities, aligning with RaiseFX’s commitment to providing a secure trading environment.

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How Will it Benefit the Traders?

Here’s how this collaboration will benefit the CFD and the Forex traders. 

Expedited Access to Trading and Investment Opportunities

RaiseFX platform offers fast access to trading opportunities for efficient trading. iDenfy collaboration streamlines processes for market activities.

Robust Security Measures

iDenfy partnership brings strong security to RaiseFX traders against unauthorized access and fraud. iDenfy’s ID verification tech will provide a secure trading environment for users.

Seamless Authentication Processes

iDenfy’s cutting-edge ID verification technology will ensure seamless authentication processes for traders on the RaiseFX platform. This simplifies user experience and reduces identity-related issues, creating a trustworthy trading atmosphere.

Reduced Risk of Unauthorized Access and Fraud

By leveraging iDenfy’s technology, RaiseFX addresses the critical challenges of unauthorised access and fraud in the digital trading landscape. The aim is to create a secure ecosystem that protects user interests and fosters confidence among traders.

Dedication to Safeguarding User Interests

The collaborative effort between RaiseFX and iDenfy underscores a shared commitment to safeguarding user interests. Enhancing safety and trust in RaiseFX through advanced security and seamless authentication processes.

About RaiseFX

RaiseFX is a licensed forex broker in Kazakhstan operated by RaiseGroup LLP. Offering over 400 tradable financial instruments across five asset classes, including forex, clues, cryptos, raw materials, and share CFDs. Utilising the MetaTrader5 platform for desktop and mobile, RaiseFX ensures access to over 10,000 trading apps. 

About iDenfy

iDenfy, founded in 2017 by Domantas Čiuldė and Gediminas Ratkevičius, offers online ID verification and face recognition services from Kaunas, Lithuania. They leverage cutting-edge technology to create a global digital identity verification platform. iDenfy offers a fraud prevention ecosystem for real-time compliance with KYC and AML regulations.

Way Forward

The partnership between RaiseFX and iDenfy exemplifies a broader trend within the fintech sector, where companies increasingly prioritise security and user experience. RaiseFX and iDenfy have joined forces to deliver innovative and secure trading experiences to their clients.

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