How to Register as Broker With FINRA?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulates brokerage firms and brokers in the United States. It acts under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) supervision to protect investors by maintaining fair market conditions. Registering with FINRA ensures compliance with federal regulations and maintains legitimacy.

How to Register as Broker?

Registering with FINRA includes the steps mentioned below:

Understanding the Requirements

Any individual or firm planning to sell, promote, or manage securities must register with FINRA. It includes broker-dealers, investment advisors, and their representatives. FINRA offers various registration categories depending on the services provided. Common types are – Broker-Dealers, who engage directly in securities transactions, and Capital Acquisition Brokers, who advise on and facilitate capital raising.

The Registration Process

The first step in the registration process is aligning with a FINRA-member firm. Individual brokers cannot register independently. This firm sponsorship is necessary for access to FINRA’s registration systems.

Brokers must complete a Uniform Application for Securities Industry Registration or Transfer form, known as Form U4. This form collects detailed personal and professional information, including past employment history, disciplinary actions, and residential addresses.

Applicants must pass specific qualification exams to establish proficiency in securities dealings. The entry-level requirement is the Securities Industry Essentials Exam (SIE). Later come specialised exams like Series 7 for general securities representation. These exams assess knowledge of securities regulations, market concepts, and product offerings.

Filing and Maintenance

The Central Registration Depository (CRD) system is an online database that stores and manages registration details for firms and individual brokers. It is instrumental in filing the initial Form U4 and subsequent amendments. This system ensures that regulatory and licensing information is up-to-date and accessible to regulators and the public via tools like BrokerCheck.

Financial Professional Gateway (FinPro) offers a secure interface for registered representatives to manage their registration details, complete continuing education requirements, schedule exams, and update personal information. It links directly to the CRD and other FINRA systems to streamline the compliance process.

Continuing Education and Compliance

All registered brokers must complete continuing education (CE) to maintain their registration with FINRA. CE emphasizes compliance, regulatory issues, and ethics and must be completed every three years. Brokers should also participate in training specified by their firms based on an analysis of regulatory developments and the firm’s business activities.

Maintaining and Updating Registration

Brokers must quickly update their registration information in FINRA’s CRD system whenever notable changes happen. 

Brokers need to access the CRD system or FinPro to update personal details or respond to regulatory actions. Changes might include residential addresses, employment history, and disclosure of any legal or financial events. 

Additional Tips 

  • Ensure all forms are complete and accurate before submission. 
  • Regularly review and update your registration details to reflect current circumstances. 
  • Familiarise yourself with FINRA’s rules and guidelines to avoid common compliance issues. 
  • Engage a compliance officer or consultant to navigate the registration process efficiently.


Registering as a broker with FINRA involves understanding the requirements, completing the registration forms, passing qualification exams, and adhering to continuing education mandates. Stay informed and proactive to fulfil these responsibilities ensures a successful and sustained registration.

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