FXSpotStream Appoints John Ashworth as Board Chair

FXSpotStream recently announced the appointment of John Ashworth, the CEO of Caplin Systems, as the Independent Board Chair of its parent company, LiquidityMatch LLC. It will leverage Ashworth’s extensive experience in technology and finance to guide FXSpotStream’s strategic direction and governance.

FXSpotStream Appoints John Ashworth – About the Appointment

John Ashworth led Caplin Systems to become a key player in trading technology. Before Caplin Systems, Ashworth held prominent positions in several financial technology firms:

– FENICS: Instrumental in product development and market expansion.

– GFI: Contributed to strategic initiatives and technological innovations.

– Apama: Played a key role in advancing the firm’s trading solutions.

– FXAll: Enhanced the platform’s capabilities and market reach.

John Ashworth has an innovative approach and strategic vision. At Caplin Systems, he drove the development of advanced trading platforms that cater to the evolving needs of financial institutions. His contributions improved the efficiency and transparency of trading processes in the FX sector.

Benefits for Traders

This appointment will bring numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Technological Advancements

John Ashworth’s background in leading tech-driven companies will bring innovative solutions. These will improve trading platforms and tools, enhancing the trading experience and providing traders with more efficient and effective tools.

Governance and Oversight

Ashworth has experience in independent governance. FXSpotStream can ensure better oversight and strategic direction, which means a more stable and reliable trading environment and reduced risks for traders and investors.

Market Transparency

Ashworth’s appointment shows a commitment to transparency and cost-effective trading solutions. Traders can expect clear pricing and reduced trading costs. It will improve their overall profitability.

Growth and Market Expansion

FXSpotStream will expand its client base and introduce new features with Ashworth. It will provide multiple liquidity providers and more trading opportunities, which can enhance potential returns.

Strengthened Leadership Team

Ashworth’s appointment and recent leadership changes reinforce FXSpotStream’s executive team. A strong leadership team ensures better decision-making and strategic planning. It directly benefits traders with a more robust and forward-thinking trading platform.

About FXSpotStream 

FXSpotStream is a multibank FX aggregation service that connects multiple liquidity providers through a single interface. It offers real-time pricing and low-cost trading solutions and aims to provide transparent and efficient trading. FXSpotStream serves financial institutions and traders, facilitating better execution and reduced trading costs. Its goal is to enhance market access and deliver superior trading experiences.


John Ashworth’s appointment will offer significant strategic advantages to FXSpotStream. His expertise in technology and governance will drive innovation and enhance the company’s service offerings. His leadership will strengthen FXSpotStream’s market position and foster sustainable growth.

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