Finalto Asia and PrimeXM Partner to Enhance Liquidity Solutions

In a groundbreaking move, Finalto Asia and PrimeXM have officially announced their strategic partnership, aiming to reshape Asia’s FX and CFD landscape. This collaboration between industry leaders signifies a significant step forward in enhancing liquidity and trading capabilities, explicitly focusing on Singapore and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Finalto Asia and PrimeXM – What’s the Partnership?

The partnership between Finalto Asia and PrimeXM brings together two industry giants, combining Finalto Asia’s extensive financial service experience with PrimeXM’s cutting-edge technology expertise. This collaboration aims to create a dynamic and comprehensive financial ecosystem, fostering a more robust and diverse trading environment.

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Empowering Traders in the Asia-Pacific Region

The partnership will provide traders with improved liquidity solutions, utilizing innovative technology and customer-centric support.

Enhanced Trading Ecosystem

Finalto Asia and PrimeXM’s strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the trading landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Singapore. Market participants can anticipate a more efficient, competitive, and diverse trading ecosystem, addressing the evolving needs of traders in this dynamic financial market.

Access to Enhanced Liquidity

The alliance aims to increase liquidity access and empower financial markets for traders. Finalto Asia and PrimeXM aim to create a competitive trading environment by aggregating liquidity from multiple sources.

Advanced Trading Technologies

PrimeXM’s tech and Finalto Asia’s financial expertise promise to bring in a new era of trading efficiency. Traders can expect faster trade execution and reduced latency, enhancing the overall quality of their trading experience.

Diverse Range of Financial Instruments

Traders will soon have access to a wider variety of financial instruments due to a new collaboration introducing cutting-edge technology. This includes forex, commodities, indices, and more. Their suite of options caters to institutional clients, brokers, and individual traders in Singapore, ensuring a well-tailored trading experience.

About Finalto

Finalto Asia brings a wealth of financial service experience to the partnership. Finalto Asia is a critical player in the industry. They are committed to shaping the future of financial markets by providing innovative solutions and expertise in trading and liquidity.

About PrimeXM

PrimeXM, a leading technology provider for the finance industry, is renowned for its cutting-edge technology solutions. PrimeXM empowers financial institutions with cutting-edge technology that enhances trading capabilities and market efficiency.


Finalto Asia and PrimeXM have partnered to shape the future of financial markets in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. This collaboration offers advanced trading technologies. It also provides a diverse range of financial instruments to meet the dynamic demands of the evolving financial industry.

Finalto Asia and PrimeXM have joined forces to revolutionize the financial landscape in the region. They promise to provide market participants with a more efficient and empowered trading experience.

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