FalconX Integrates with TP ICAP’s Fusion to Enhance Liquidity

FalconX integrates with TP ICAP’s Fusion Digital Assets to provide competitive pricing and liquidity to clients. FalconX is an institutional digital asset prime broker, and Fusion Digital Assets is TP ICAP‘s FCA-registered crypto exchange. This integration shows the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency in mainstream finance.

FalconX Integrates with TP ICAP’s Fusion – About the Integration

The partnership will fill the gap between traditional financial markets and the crypto asset ecosystem. FalconX now has access to competitive pricing and liquidity from a vast network of wholesale clients. It will enhance liquidity and ease transactions across traditional and digital asset markets. It will promote growth and innovation using TP ICAP’s infrastructure and FalconX’s established custodial capabilities.

Benefits For Investors

This partnership will offer numerous benefits to institutional investors:

Enhanced Liquidity Access

The partnership provides remarkable access to deep liquidity pools. It gives more efficient execution of large orders without significant price impact. Improved liquidity also offers tighter bid-ask spreads and reduces trading costs.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing allows traders and investors to execute transactions at near-market rates. It ensures they can maximise returns on trades. Competitive rates are necessary for achieving favourable entry and exit points in the volatile crypto market.

Enhanced Security 

TP ICAP’s FCA-registered infrastructure gives a secure and regulated trading environment. Traders and investors will have enhanced protection of funds and reduced risk of fraud. It will also encourage participation from institutional investors who were hesitant due to regulatory concerns.

Better Custodial Services

The partnership uses Fidelity Digital AssetsSM for bureaucratic custodial services. It gives vigorous security measures for their digital assets to minimise exposure to potential hacking attempts. 

Increased Diversification

This integration enables a seamless capital flow between the crypto asset ecosystem and traditional financial markets. It furnishes augmented opportunities for portfolio diversification and exposure to new asset classes. It also allows applying traditional financial instruments and strategies in the crypto market for new investment opportunities and hedging against volatility.


FalconX is a digital asset brokerage firm for institutional clients. It is the first CFTC-registered swap dealer in the cryptocurrency space. The company offers deep liquidity, competitive pricing, and numerous other financial services. It simplifies the trading process for institutional investors, hedge funds, and other large entities. 

Fusion Digital Assets

Fusion Digital Assets is TP ICAP’s FCA-registered wholesale spot crypto asset exchange. It provides institutional and professional traders with access to deep liquidity pools in a secure and regulated environment. Fusion facilitates seamless integration and growth of digital asset trading. Fusion will deliver a unique liquidity experience that supports the expansion and accessibility of the crypto market after the integration.

Wrapping Up

This will enhance the trading capabilities of institutional clients. Institutional investors can execute large orders with minimal slippage and improve trading efficiency. This collaboration will develop new financial products and services to encourage investment and participation from institutional players. 

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