Ex Co-CEO of Admiral Markets Victor Gherbovet Launches FirstByt

Victor Gherbovet, ex-Admiral Markets, launched his latest venture, FirstByt – a comprehensive SaaS solutions platform poised to transform the landscape for both brokerages and exchanges. Boasting a suite of offerings ranging from white-label options to legal support, multi-asset liquidity, technology, payments, compliance assistance, and marketing services, FirstByt emerges as a formidable player in the industry.

Victor Gherbovet Launches FirstBytAbout the New Venture

Victor Gherbovet’s latest venture, FirstByt, is set to revolutionise the brokerage industry with its comprehensive SaaS solutions platform. FirstByt provides customized end-to-end solutions for brokerages and exchanges, leveraging Gherbovet’s expertise at Admirals. 

Victor Gherbovet, a former Admiral Markets CEO with over a decade of experience, joins FirstByt with valuable expertise. He served as the co-CEO of Admiral Markets Group AS in 2021 after a tenure from 2008 to 2021 before starting a new venture.

FirstByt enables clients to navigate modern financial markets confidently, focusing on scalability, modularity, and legal compliance. Dimitre Tzonev and Serg Gulko co-founded FirstByt, which is set to launch its suite of white-label fintech software solutions soon.

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Victor Gherbovet Launches FirstByt – What Does it Offer?

Here is what the new platform launch means for users:

Enhanced Solutions for Traders

With the reveal of FirstByt’s comprehensive suite of solutions, users can anticipate a significant enhancement in their trading experience. FirstByt offers white-label solutions, multi-asset liquidity, and compliance support to help traders navigate today’s dynamic markets effectively.

Tailored to Individual Needs

FirstByt’s modular approach ensures users can tailor solutions according to their specific requirements. Users can expect customized solutions that cater to their unique preferences and goals.

Streamlined Operations

FirstByt streamlines brokerage operations, enabling smoother workflows and improved efficiency. FirstByt offers a range of services from legal support to technology integration and marketing to help users optimize their operations and achieve better outcomes.

Navigating Regulatory Complexity

One of the most significant challenges for brokerage businesses is effectively navigating regulatory requirements. The company provides legal support, compliance assistance, and risk mitigation guidance to help navigate regional regulations and ensure compliance.

About FirstByt 

FirstByt is one of the premier software development companies offering bespoke digital solutions for businesses worldwide. Its seasoned team excels in delivering comprehensive brokerage services tailored for Crypto and Traditional Markets. Our company offers white-label software solutions for fintech clients, prioritizing customer satisfaction through platform customization and ongoing product refinement.

Way Forward

FirstByt, led by Victor Gherbovet, aims to revolutionize the brokerage industry with its SaaS solutions. Focusing on innovation, client-centricity, and global expansion, FirstByt aims to provide end-to-end solutions tailored for brokerage firms worldwide.

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