FxCubic Liquidity Engine operates as a comprehensive full-price and trade processor seamlessly integrated with the industry’s leading liquidity providers. With over two decades of experience in the financial technology sector, FxCubic stands at the forefront of technological innovation. The company offers a cutting-edge low-latency bridge that streamlines operations, automating tasks traditionally handled by manual dealing desks in terms of brokers – both STP and B-Book type brokers. By establishing multiple FIX and API connections concurrently with liquidity providers, FxCubic empowers brokers to customise their liquidity flow. 

Key Features of FxCubic

Liquidity Aggregation

FxCubic uses sophisticated aggregation algorithms for individual provider market depth, enabling parallel multi-provider execution. The company also provides VWAP market depth aggregation and order routing.

Private Database

FXCubic does not have access to the broker’s private data, ensuring confidentiality. It allows databases and system configuration to be stored privately on the broker’s server, ensuring only the broker can access sensitive data. 

Synthetic Instruments

The company enables the creation of synthetic instruments via the GUI by combining predefined instruments on its platform. 

Copy Trading

Facilitates It allows brokers to copy trades for clients directly on the trading platform, enhancing client services. They can forward or reverse copying on multiple accounts simultaneously with volume multiplier functionality. 

Platform Integration

FXCubic functions as a standalone application integrated with any trading platform or can operate independently using FIX API, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

Why Choose PrimeXM for Financial Needs?

Full Transparency

FxCubic ensures full transparency by storing all order details and provider tick data historically, easily accessible via the GUI or downloadable. Additionally, FIX logs for individual trades are promptly viewable through the GUI seconds after execution, fostering trust and accountability.

Lightweight & Powerful Architecture

The platform is designed for brokers to host the entire system on its server, fostering direct and private connections with liquidity providers without sacrificing functionality.

Extremely Customizable

FxCubic empowers brokers with extensive pricing and order routing customization options, allowing them to tailor liquidity to their exact specifications. 

Scheduled Configuration

FxCubic streamlines operations with automated configuration changes based on pre-set schedules, ensuring seamless adjustments according to time and day without manual intervention, optimising efficiency and workflow.

Brokerage Profit Optimization

FxCubic features advanced algorithms and tools designed to increase brokerage profit, including adjustable fixed spread settings, adaptable slippage control rules, and variables for brokerage trade profit/loss control.

Risk Management

Brokers can execute trades from these accounts to hedge or reposition among liquidity providers through the same interface, ensuring proactive risk management strategies.

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