provider Announces Merger with NAGA Group and NAGA Group have announced a merger. This merger combines’s expertise in multi-asset brokerage with NAGA Group’s strengths in social trading-focused fintech. The merger is expected to close in the second quarter of 2024. 

Key Features of the Merger

The combined entity will operate under 8 global licenses to extend their reach in over 50 countries. The joint platform will cater to 1.5 million users from more than 100 countries, to grow this number to 5 million by 2025. The merger is expected to generate around USD 90 million in joint revenue for 2023. It will create cost synergies, potentially saving up to USD 10 million in annual operating expenses. 

Benefits for Traders and Investors

The merger between and NAGA Group presents several benefits for traders and investors:

Enhanced Trading Platform and Services

The merger aims to enhance the trading experience for clients by integrating’s diverse trading services with NAGA Group’s innovative social trading technology. This integration promises a more vigorous, user-friendly platform to provide advanced tools and features for efficient trading.

Global Reach and Diverse Offerings

The combined entity will have a greater global footprint and offer access to a wider range of trading products across different markets. It will enable traders and investors to tap into various asset classes and global markets.

Financial Stability and Growth Prospects

We expect that the merger will improve financial stability and generate substantial revenue and EBITDA growth. It provides a promising outlook with a stable and growing platform for trading activities.

Innovative Technology and Services

The merger will enhance offerings like social trading, payment services, and crypto trading. It will offer more versatile and advanced trading tools and services​​​​.

Strategic Leadership 

The new leadership, headed by Octavian Patrascu as Group CEO, brings a strategic vision of innovation and growth. Patrascu’s experience and track record in the fintech and brokerage industry will offer significant improvements.

About is a global multi-asset brokerage firm. It offers access to various markets, including forex, commodities, indices, and stocks. The firm is known for its user-friendly platform and innovative trading tools. plans to expand its global footprint, enhance its technological offerings, and attract a larger client base.

About NAGA Group

NAGA Group is a fintech company renowned for its innovations in the financial technology sector. The company focuses on developing and providing social trading platforms. NAGA offers services like access to various financial markets, social trading features, and cryptocurrency trading. NAGA Group plans to expand its global footprint and enhance its technology offerings. 

Wrapping Up

The union will facilitate growth, drive innovation, and create a diversified product portfolio. The fintech and trading industry is moving towards consolidation and technology. It highlights the increasing importance of integrating advanced technologies in trading platforms.

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