Brokerage License in Seychelles Vs Mauritius

Selecting the right jurisdiction for a brokerage license is necessary. Seychelles and Mauritius are popular offshore financial centres. Let’s understand the differences if brokerage License in Seychelles Vs Mauritius to help you understand which suits you the most.

Brokerage Licensing in Seychelles

Seychelles offers a facilitative financial regulatory environment to obtain a brokerage license. It provides a quick registration process and high confidentiality. The Seychelles licensing process is fast. It requires minimal capital investment. The jurisdiction also provides favourable tax laws.

Brokerage Licensing in Mauritius

Mauritius has an exhaustive financial regulatory framework. The jurisdiction offers various Investment Dealer Licenses to serve numerous activities in the financial sector. A Mauritius license requires the establishment of a local office but does not restrict leverage or the types of accounts a brokerage can offer. 

Brokerage License in Seychelles Vs Mauritius

In comparing Seychelles and Mauritius for obtaining a brokerage license, these are the points one should consider:

Popularity Among Brokers

Seychelles is highly popular, especially for its rapid licensing process and lower capital requirements. It attracts numerous startups and new brokerages seeking quick market entry.

Mauritius is slightly less popular in initial inquiries. However, startups prefer it for its structured regulatory framework and multiple financial services licensing options.

Regulatory Environment

Seychelles offers a more straightforward regulatory process. It appeals to businesses aiming for a quick setup without the complexities of stringent regulations.

Mauritius provides a detailed regulatory framework to ensure clarity and compliance, beneficial for brokerages prioritising a well-regulated operation.

Banking Conditions

Seychelles has limited banking options, with fewer banks and PSPs willing to engage with brokerages licensed in the jurisdiction.

Mauritius, in contrast, has a favourable banking environment with more local banks open to working with forex & CFD brokers. It offers greater accessibility and options for brokerages.

PSP Availability

Seychelles faces challenges in this area, with a smaller selection of PSPs available to brokerages. It can restrict payment flexibility.

Mauritius has a broader array of PSP options, facilitating easier and more varied brokerage payment processing.

Ease of Doing Business

Seychelles is favoured for its simplicity and quick market entry. It benefits new and small brokerages looking to establish themselves with minimal delay.

Mauritius has a more comprehensive regulatory and banking infrastructure. It is conducive to businesses seeking a stable and well-regulated environment.

Capital Requirements and Licensing Costs

Seychelles requires a lower minimum capital for licensing, making it an economically attractive option for brokerages with limited initial capital.

Mauritius has higher capital requirements and a more complex licensing process, which align with its emphasis on a robust regulatory framework but increase the initial financial commitment.

Startup and New Brokerage Appeal

Seychelles has lower barriers to entry and a faster licensing process.

Mauritius has stricter requirements but offers a solid foundation for those seeking to operate within a highly regulated framework.


Both Seychelles and Mauritius are beneficial for brokerages. The choice depends on the brokerage’s specific needs, priorities, and long-term business goals.

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