Aquanow Secures VASP License from VARA

Aquanow has obtained a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). Aquanow is a leading digital assets infrastructure provider. This license will enhance its ability to operate in the dynamic and growing crypto ecosystem of Dubai.

Aquanow Secures VASP LicenseAbout the License

With a VASP license, Aquanow will offer multiple services, including broker-dealer services, management and investment services, and lending and borrowing services. These services enable Aquanow to cater to a diverse client base within Dubai. This license shows Aquanow’s ability to meet and exceed regulatory expectations. Aquanow will provide institutional clients with enhanced offerings like broker-dealer, lending and borrowing, and management and investment services. 

Benefits For Traders

This licence will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Expanded Service Offerings

VASP license enables Aquanow to offer broker-dealer, lending and borrowing, and management and investment services. Traders and investors can have diversified financial services under a regulated framework. It will increase their investment opportunities in the digital asset space.

Enhanced Market Confidence

This approval instils confidence among traders and investors regarding security and compliance. This trust guarantees a safer investing environment for individuals wishing to interact with digital assets in a market renowned for its strict regulatory framework.

Innovative Crypto Solutions

Dubai is setting itself as a hub for Web3 innovation. Aquanow’s entrance into this market will bring advanced crypto financial services. It will offer users advanced solutions and lucrative opportunities.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Acquiring the VASP license shows adherence to regulatory compliance. Traders and investors have a platform that prioritizes legal adherence and consumer protection. It reduces the risk associated with digital asset transactions.

Market Innovation

Aquanow contributes to Dubai’s D33 vision of becoming a top global financial centre and innovation hub by securing the VASP license. Traders and investors will benefit from a regulatory-forward, innovation-centric market environment.

About Aquanow

Aquanow is a digital assets infrastructure provider that offers cryptocurrency financial services to institutional clients. It facilitates various crypto use cases and supports billions of dollars in transactions monthly. Aquanow aims to employ digital assets for banks, neobanks, brokerages, and payment companies. Its goal is to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of crypto financial services.

Looking Ahead

Aquanow will support Dubai’s efforts to promote a robust and innovative virtual assets industry with this license. Aquanow will encourage a more structured and secure environment for the virtual assets industry to thrive.

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