Alchemy Pay Partners with Worldpay

In a strategic move, Alchemy Pay, partners with Worldpay to enhance its global payment channels and capabilities. Alchemy Pay is the pioneering fiat-crypto payment gateway, while Worldpay is the leading payment processing company. 

Highlights of the Partnership – What It Means?

Alchemy Pay’s collaboration with Worldpay aims to amplify payment options and streamline transactions, marking a pivotal step in advancing accessibility and efficiency for users engaging in cryptocurrency and NFT transactions.

Payment Rail Access

Alchemy Pay gains access to Worldpay’s Visa and Mastercard payment rails on its On & Off-Ramp. Users can seamlessly buy and sell crypto using credit and debit cards, enhancing transaction convenience.

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NFT Checkout Support

Worldpay’s extensive network, acknowledged as the largest global acquirer, will support Alchemy Pay’s NFT Checkout. This expansion aims to make NFTs more accessible to a broader audience of users engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

Global Presence Enhancement

The partnership signifies Alchemy Pay’s strategic move to bolster its global presence. The collaboration aims to reduce barriers associated with cryptocurrency and NFT transactions, fostering increased accessibility and efficiency on a global scale.

About Alchemy Pay

As a leading crypto payment service provider, Alchemy Pay is dedicated to enabling the widespread use of crypto and Web3 services by facilitating access to fiat payments. Supporting transactions in over 50 fiat currencies across 173 nations, Alchemy Pay has a successful track record in providing robust payment capabilities. 

The company actively pursues licenses in various countries, emphasizing compliance and regulatory standards, and has garnered recognition from Visa and Mastercard as an authorized third-party service provider.

About WorldPay

Acquired by the global financial technology leader FIS in 2019, Worldpay is the top acquirer on Nasdaq and the largest global acquirer based on general-purpose transaction volume. Worldpay has a vast network of over 1 million merchants globally. They process over 130 million daily transactions across mobile, online, and in-store platforms in 146 countries and 135 currencies. 

The company has embraced cryptocurrency trends and achieved distinctions like being the first global merchant acquirer to provide direct settlement in USDC.


Alchemy Pay and Worldpay partnership promotes global digital assets adoption. Worldpay’s global collaboration offers better payment experiences and lower fees for cryptocurrency users worldwide. 

Alchemy Pay’s strategic alliance advances accessibility to crypto and digital assets, marking a milestone in digital finance.

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