ADMISI Expands Global FX Business with Integral Technology

London-based broker ADM Investor Services International Limited (ADMISI) has partnered with Integral Development Corp’s advanced eFX technology for its institutional clients to expand the Global FX Business.

About the Expansion of the Global FX Business

ADMISI has partnered with Integral to implement Integral’s advanced eFX technology. This partnership aims to enhance ADMISI’s services for institutional clients by improving liquidity aggregation, pricing, risk management, and credit functionalities. Integral’s extensive experience supporting institutional teams will add value to ADMISI and help the company expand its global reach in the forex market. 

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Here is what traders can expect from the new partnership. 

Enhanced Trading Capabilities

Integrating Integral’s eFX technology into ADMISI’s systems will significantly enhance the trading experience for institutional clients. Traders can expect improved liquidity aggregation, leading to better pricing and more efficient trade execution. This means more competitive rates and access to a wider range of liquidity providers.

Improved Risk Management

Integral’s advanced technology offers robust risk management tools, enabling traders to manage their positions more effectively. With enhanced risk management capabilities, traders can better monitor and control their exposure. This reduces the likelihood of unexpected losses and improves overall portfolio performance.

Advanced Pricing Mechanisms

The collaboration brings sophisticated pricing mechanisms to ADMISI’s platform, ensuring traders receive accurate and real-time pricing information. This transparency in pricing allows traders to make more informed decisions, leveraging the latest market data to optimise their trading strategies.

Seamless Integration and User Experience

Traders using ADMISI’s services will benefit from the seamless integration of Integral’s technology, which promises a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. This ease of use can help traders to adapt to the new system quickly, minimising disruptions and allowing them to focus on their trading activities.


ADM Investor Services International Limited (ADMISI) is a premier multi-asset investment brokerage company with a rich history spanning over 100 years in London. It offers a comprehensive range of clearing and brokerage services across all major global investment markets. The company is a member of many of the world’s largest exchanges, including LME, LSE, ICE (Europe and US), Eurex, CME, and SGX.

About Integral

Integral offers advanced technology solutions that help businesses improve their operational efficiency and market competitiveness. Its suite of products and services includes Liquidity Aggregation, Risk Management, Price Engine, MT4 Connectivity, White Label solutions, and more. These offerings cater to banks, digital asset firms, brokerages, and payment companies.

Way Ahead

Integrating Integral’s eFX technology signifies a major milestone for ADMISI in enhancing its institutional client services. This partnership is expected to enhance ADMISI’s liquidity aggregation and position the company for success in the global FX market.

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