Admirals Partners with Onfido for AI-enabled Client Onboarding

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing its client onboarding process across Europe, Admirals has partnered with the identity verification provider Onfido. This collaboration seeks to optimize clients’ onboarding and account creation experience across more than 25 European countries through Admirals’ online investment platform, Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd.

Admirals Partners with Onfido for Efficient Client Onboarding

Admiral has joined forces with Onfido to bolster its client onboarding experience. By integrating Onfido’s AI-powered identity verification technology, Admirals aims to fortify security measures, prevent fraud, expedite onboarding, and ensure compliance with diverse regulatory requirements.

How Does Onfido Atlas™ Automate the Verifications and Onboarding?

Automating user onboarding and identity verification is now made possible through Onfido Atlas™, the award-winning AI at the core of the Real Identity Platform. Developed over 10 years in collaboration with leading businesses globally, Onfido Atlas leverages diverse datasets to make fast, fair, and accurate AI identity verification a reality.

Ethically Built

Onfido Atlas is ethically built, addressing concerns related to bias in identity verification. Global datasets reflecting real-world variations ensure fairness in ethnicity, age, and gender. Collaboration with privacy bodies like the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) underscores commitment to ethical AI practices.

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Fully Automated

AI-powered automation handles surges in volume with consistent speed. Atlas processes 95% of biometrics verifications in under 10 seconds, ensuring efficiency. Global businesses like Chipper Cash have reduced onboarding time by 35% with Atlas.

Architecture Built for Accuracy

The In-house Fraud Lab utilizes AI-trained and tested micro-models to detect fraud markers. Over 10,000 machine learning models identify pixel-level document color, shape, and texture variations. Atlas detects up to 50% more document fraud than approaches using generalized models.

About Admiral

Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd, through its online investment platform, is actively enhancing the financial journey for its clients. Since its establishment in 2001, Admirals has been dedicated to empowering every financial journey by offering attractive trading conditions and an exceptional trading and investing ecosystem. 

The smart and adaptable tools of the platform ensure a seamless trading experience for users. Admirals relies on the renowned MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4, the top multi-asset platforms trusted by traders and investors globally. Including tools such as VPS and StereoTrader further enhances the trading experience, irrespective of the client’s location or device. 

Admirals commits to helping its clients trade like experts by developing platforms that deliver consistent and powerful trading experiences. The convenience extends to mobile trading, allowing users to trade and invest on the go through a single account, providing instant and intuitive access to an extensive product range.

About Onfido

Onfido simplifies digital identity verification. With a decade of expertise, Onfido empowers individuals to access services securely. Their AI-powered solutions prioritize fairness and inclusiveness, earning them multiple awards, including ‘Outstanding Leader in Accessibility’ and ‘Best Innovation in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation’ from CogX.

The company offers advanced solutions to streamline and fortify digital identity verification. Onfido Studio integrates document and biometric verification, trusted data sources, and passive fraud detection signals to establish customer trust at crucial moments. 

Onfido Atlas™ is an award-winning AI that automates user onboarding and identity verification, ensuring global fast, fair, and accurate results. The Smart Capture SDKs provide users with a delightful and efficient capture and upload experience, facilitating seamless identity verification with easy integration. 

Its Verification Suite provides KYC solutions with document and biometric verification, fraud detection, and trusted data sources for enhanced capabilities.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Admirals and Onfido sets the stage for a future where user onboarding becomes more seamless and secure. Through Onfido Atlas™, both companies aim to redefine the standards of identity verification, fostering trust and confidence among existing and potential clients. Admirals is now a pioneer in providing advanced and user-friendly onboarding experience for European clients through strategic collaboration.

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