ABN Amro to Acquire BUX

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. proudly announces its agreement to acquire BUX, a rapidly growing neobroker in Europe. This strategic move aims to solidify ABN AMRO’s presence in the retail investment sector and significantly enhance its digital offerings.

ABN Amro and BUX Partnership

The partnership between ABN AMRO and BUX has been successful over the years, with ABN AMRO Ventures being among the first investors in BUX. 

The partnership with ABN AMRO Clearing has allowed for innovations, such as being the first in Europe to offer fractional European ETFs. This collaboration positions BUX uniquely by combining speed, agility, and innovation with deep expertise in personal finance, catering to investors with smaller budgets. 

The goal is to become a leading investment platform in Europe, appealing to a broad audience seeking to grow their wealth for the future. The partnership aims to provide a seamless blend of innovative user-friendliness and financial expertise.

Benefits to the European Customers

  • European clients can invest in Fractional ETFs, promoting a more diverse and inclusive investor community.
  • The companies will offer tech-driven financial products to keep customers ahead in finance.
  • Customers stand to benefit from a range of innovative retail investment services crafted through the synergy of ABN AMRO’s financial expertise and BUX’s commitment to user-friendly solutions.
  • They will offer simplified financial transactions and ensure a user-friendly customer experience.
  • The partnership offers European customers wealth-building opportunities through personalized advice and diverse investment options.
  • Auto-pilot investment options will enable customers to automate their investment strategies.

About ABN Amro Bank

ABN AMRO is a leading personal banking institution that aims to promote a responsible and inclusive society. The bank is using digital technology to provide convenient banking services to its clients and adapt to their evolving needs. It aims to leverage technology in order to build stronger relationships with customers in the digital age.

ABN AMRO focuses on key areas such as inclusion, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, innovation, and daily banking. These pillars guide the bank’s commitment to contributing positively to society and fostering financial well-being.

The bank’s approach blends banking expertise with the latest knowledge, allowing it to craft creative solutions for diverse challenges.

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About BUX

BUX, a fintech scale-up from Amsterdam, is changing the investment landscape by providing an intuitive investment app that empowers users. With over 1 million users, BUX is making significant strides toward becoming Europe’s premier neobroker.

Since its inception, the company has prioritized accessibility, making investing more accessible and affordable. The platform introduced cryptocurrency trading in 2019, allowing investors to trade fractional shares, ETFs, ETCs, and cryptocurrencies. It aims to democratize investing, ensuring that all financial opportunities are within reach.

BUX offers user-friendly investment solutions in eight European markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Ireland.

BUX Crypto has gained credibility by receiving support from international venture capital firms. Additionally, it is authorized and regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets and registered with the Dutch Central Bank.

Way Forward

The acquisition between ABN AMRO and BUX will provide a variety of investment and savings products to cater to investors of all levels of experience. Both companies will use their strengths to grow alongside their clients in all aspects of their lives. The transaction is expected to be finalized by 2024, pending regulatory approval, and will have a minimal impact on the CET1 capital ratio. 

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