Will the economy decide the US Congress midterm elections ?

Posted on November 8, 2022 by Liquidity24
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Will the economy decide the US Congress midterm elections ?

Later today. Americans will vote in the midterm elections for Congress, amid a fierce struggle between Democrats and Republicans to control the legislatures and the offices of state governors.

The results of the renewal are expected to affect the 2024 presidential election. Especially as it may witness great excitement with the prospects of former President Donald Trump running again.

Americans go to the polls, and one issue on their minds is the economy, as it is expected that the economic developments in the country will have the upper hand in the election results, and it seems that this matter serves a particular party in these elections.

Despite the record, the new job numbers, and the fact that some of the causes of the nation’s historical inflation are beyond Democrats’ control, the Democratic Party’s message on the economy has been inconsistent.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is constantly attacking the ruling party about economic developments and inflation, and opinion polls show that this issue has undoubtedly played out in the Republican’s favor.


Undoubtedly, inflation is adding to the hardships for Democrats in all states. As explained in the latest ABC News poll, more than two weeks before the election.

The number of Americans who trust the Republican Party is increasing at the expense of the Democratic Party in terms of the economy and fuel prices.

According to a survey conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center in mid-October, inflation and high prices were the two most pressing concerns for Americans.

The survey indicated that 75% of the respondents are concerned about the prices of food and consumer goods. Followed closely by the prices of gasoline, energy, and the cost of housing.

The report also indicated that a large majority of Democratic voters, estimated at 66 percent, and Republicans, at 81 percent, are very concerned about inflation.

Economy and election campaigns

US President Joe Biden has tried to promote his working-class credentials while marketing a vision of “Building a Better America for All” with an economy that grows from the bottom up on all counts.

In the most recent meeting of the Democratic National Committee, Democrats warned that Republicans could wreak havoc on the US economy and that their vision is based on an economy that benefits only the very wealthy.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has taken advantage of inflation fears and rising fuel prices to accuse the Democratic Party of spending too much, a point in constant debate, in addition to talking about reducing the country’s energy production.

Although the war in Ukraine was the main cause of rising fuel and gas prices, Republicans blamed Democrats’ policies and pledged to provide oil drilling and pipelines to make American energy more independent.

Inflation-related messages are still more prevalent in Republican political ads. And according to an analysis by the Wesleyan Media Project last month, 32% of pro-GOP ads were about inflation, compared to 8% of pro-democracy ads.