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GBE Prime was launched to cater to GBE’s institutional business and combines extensive knowledge in the retail industry with the acquired expertise in the institutional business. GBE’s success in the industry is underscored by its strong presence in the European Union, where clients tend to be more experienced, resulting in higher deposit amounts. 

The firm’s commitment to providing expert traders with top-tier infrastructure and trading conditions contributes to the notable trading volumes per client. 

The German branch further enhances customer support, emphasising transparency, trustworthiness, and open communication. As GBE Prime continues to develop, the company remains committed to optimising its offerings to secure an even more significant market share and establish itself among the industry’s best.

Key Features of Liquidity Solutions

  • Tightest pricing in conjunction with robust market depth, ensuring clients benefit from competitive rates and a comprehensive view of market liquidity
  • An excellent understanding of client needs by providing top-notch service and support. The platform is committed to offering fast, qualified responses to ensure a seamless trading experience.
  • Cutting-edge aggregation and bridging technology, ensuring state-of-the-art execution for trades. This technology enhances trade routing efficiency and minimises execution times, contributing to a superior trading environment.

Why Choose GBE Prime Solutions for Liquidity Needs?

Institutional Focus 

GBE Prime specialises in serving institutional clients, leveraging the expertise gained through its evolution from a retail broker. The tailored liquidity solutions cater to the specific needs of institutional traders in the FX and CFD markets.

Proven Track Record 

GBE consistently ranks in top 50 retail volumes in Forex/Finance Magnates Report since Q4 2015. This track record attests to the success and reliability of GBE Prime’s liquidity solutions.

High Trading Volumes 

GBE Prime’s trading volumes continue to grow consistently, reflecting the platform’s success and popularity in the industry. The platform is popular among experienced traders with high trading volumes per client.

Global Presence 

GBE is a top choice for EU clients due to its strong presence and experienced traders who deposit higher amounts. The platform’s popularity extends beyond borders, attracting clients seeking the best trading infrastructure and conditions.

Cutting-Edge Technology 

GBE Prime has three independent liquidity aggregations connected to banks and non-bank liquidity providers through high-speed fibre optic links. This advanced infrastructure ensures extremely low latency trade routing and execution, minimising slippage and providing a seamless trading experience.

API Connectivity 

Institutional clients can connect to GBE Prime’s server locations in London (LD4), New York (NY4), and Tokyo (TY3) via API. This connectivity allows for efficient trade execution and access to global financial markets.

Stable Regulatory Environment 

GBE Prime commits to ensuring its clients operate in a secure and stable regulatory environment. This commitment ensures that traders can confidently operate, knowing that the platform adheres to regulatory standards.

Exceptional Customer Support 

GBE Prime’s German branch is crucial in providing excellent customer support. The company strives to provide clients and prospects with fast, qualified responses while maintaining an open-minded, honest, trustful, and fully transparent approach to customer interactions.

Continuous Development 

GBE Prime acknowledges its success but remains dedicated to continuous development and optimisation. The platform aims to expand market share and lead in liquidity solutions.

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